5000+ Acre Raw Material Planting Farm Established

From June 2021, YAAN Times Biotech Co., Ltd started to build more than 5000+ Acre Raw Material Planting Farm in Ya’an, including: more than 25 Acre of Chinese medicinal materials interplanting (mountain medicinal raw materials plant + herbal medicinal raw materials plant) farm with international organic certification, more than 25 Acre standard Chinese medicinal materials planting demonstration farm and more than 4950 Acre of Chinese herbal medicine raw material planting base that is developed by the local people with the technical guide and support of YAAN Times Biotech Co., Ltd.

Raw Material Planting Farm


Based on Times’ own technology advantage, the construction of Raw Material Planting Farm in Ya’an can not only provide sufficient raw materials for the company’s current herbal plant extraction industry and camellia oil industry, but also provide the company with premium raw material to the deep development on the medicines, cosmetics, health care products and health food industries.

At the same time, build a seedling base for Chinese herbal to provide full support for the development of the Industrialization. A new ” YAAN TIMES BIOTECH ” factory will be built to extract traditional Chinese medicine to supply the international market with dietary supplements.

Seedling Base


Using the remaining 10,000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine slag after the company reaches its production capacity, a “Times Organic Fertilizer” factory is established to produce various organic fertilizers, so as to realize the recycling of the traditional Chinese medicine industry and build a “Times” green recycling industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Times” Green Recycling Industrial Chain


Post time: Jan-02-2022